Features and Benefits

ZipIt offers frontend customization. This means that the user can change the color of the mouseover and text and upload their company’s logo. This allows the user to create a personalized environment for him/her to work in.

Since ZipIt focuses more on the MENA region, it comes with two languages: Arabic and English. This allows users to use the system easily without having to overcome a language barrier.

ZipIt allows users to share multiple files with each other using either a secure link embedded in an email or as a standalone link, which can be used for social media sharing. Additionally, users can share directories/folders using the same methods. This allows users to share files without sending them one at a time – they can just send the folder it is in.

Thanks to Managed Services, ZipIt is fully secure, with all information stored on secure servers. This gives users the freedom to upload sensitive files, knowing that their system is safe.