How does File-Sharing Help Accountants?

Accountants keep track of money going through a company. They also calculate salaries, wages, bonuses, and more. They are a vital part of any business. Accountants commonly use Excel sheets to calculate and track all financial records. What do they do when the time comes to submit those documents to their bosses? They send the sheet as an email attachment. Also, accountants store their files on their computers, and might click on links that are, in fact, phishing links, or download malware accidentally. What would happen if their emails are intercepted, or their computer is hacked? The financial records would be stolen, and either be leaked on the Internet, or held for ransom.

The best way to mitigate this threat is to use a secure file-sharing service, like ZipIt. With ZipIt, users can store these sensitive financial files, and share them, if needed, through secure email messages. This way, the threat of someone hacking your computer for information is nullified, because the files were duplicated on ZipIt.