Easy to Use

Easily upload your files and create sub-directories as needed. Then share entire folders or individual files with one or many users at the same time.

Safe and Secure

Your valuable files are secure. ZipIt provides industry strength encryption and SSL connection. Share folders with users without giving them access to home directory.

Custom Branding

ZipIt can be customized with your Company’s logo and colors. You can name the folders and sub-folders as needed.

Business Class

ZipIt has been designed only for business users and not for general consumers. This ensures security and safety of files.

About ZipIt


ZipIt is a cloud-based secure file sharing system that is safe, secure and easy to use. It supports all browsers and devices like desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All file types of up to 5 GB file size can be uploaded easily and quickly. With ZipIt your files are available anywhere and anytime. ZipIt allows the customization of the look and feel with your company logo and corporate colors. It allows the sharing of individual files, complete folder and sub-folders with one or more recipients.

ZipIt is made only for enterprises and business users. You can share files with confidence. ZipIt is also available as an application that can be hosted on a server in your office for complete privacy. ZipIt data servers are hosted inside UAE and backed by 24x7x365 monitoring and management by our Dubai based Network Operations Center. We are available 24×7 to answer your questions or to assist you in any way possible. Try ZipIt today and make your life easy.

Available as a Cloud Service or as Private Cloud : ZipIt is available as a hosted service as well as a web-based application that can be deployed in your organization’s office – for complete privacy – contact us for more details.


ZipIt has really simplified file-sharing for us. We maintain control and are able to share very large files very quickly with our customers. Excellent support as well when needed.
ZipIt was a lifesaver for us. We needed to share large video files frequently with our customers and internationally located services were completely inadequate. We installed ZipIt on a server in-house and now our clients are able to give feedback immediately and upload their changes. Very pleased!!
Government regulations require that we keep our data inside UAE. We use ZipIt as an online sharing folder that organizes our entire file sharing with our staff and partners. We need to share customer data, branding files, internal schedules etc and now all of that is shared using ZipIt. Now our field staff and our partners have access to whatever they require, when they need it, securely! Good decision to go with ZipIt.
We need to share confidential data on testing and analysis with our government and private sector customers and we were very reluctant to use either FTP or public file sharing services located overseas. ZipIt was the answer for us for sharing the confidential information in a controlled manner. We started with a secure hosted solution and now have moved to the in-house version. Their support has also been great. Always available and quick to respond and help.


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Our trained support staff is available at our Network Operations Center (NOC) in Dubai to provide assistance and support 24x7x365 – even Friday midnights, public holidays, and New Years Eve – we are there to resolve any issue as quickly as possible. We can help restore accidentally deleted files, investigate virus alerts, resolve account setup issues – anything that comes up – our friendly staff is there to assist anytime that you need help – by phone or email. Our Network Operations Center is a very unique state-of-the-art monitoring center based in Dubai which is continuously monitoring and managing the operations, performance and security of the ZipIt service. The NOC is staffed 24x7x365 and the NOC support staff is available to assist you in any way possible to make your experience in using ZipIt exceptional.
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